Wall Covering

Wall Covering

We know wallpaper.

Roberge Painting has its roots in the installation of high-end wall covering and decorative painting.

Our in house wall paper hangers provide commercial wallcovering services including installation, removal, and maintenance of various types of wall coverings, including wallpaper, vinyl wall coverings, and other decorative wall treatments.

Wall covering and wallpaper hanging services.

  • Industrial Grade Vinyl Wall Covering
  • Solid Vinyl, Paper Backed, Vinyl Backed 27” and 54”
  • Acoustical Wallcovering
  • Cloth Wallcovering
  • Textures
  • Striping
  • Fabric and Leather Wall covering
  • Wood Veneer Wallcovering
  • Custom Graphics and Mural hanging
  • Dry-erase surfaces

Preparation:  Our expert in-house installers are trained in the latest preparation and priming techniques. We safely remove old wall coverings without damaging the underlying surfaces and we properly dispose of any old removed wall coverings to ensure a clean and safe work environment.

Cutting and Hanging: We take special care handling high end wall covering, which is often a big budget item. We use state of the art cutting and pasting machines to expertly cut wall covering to size and limit waste.

A seamless experience: Our in-house installers have years of hanging experience and know the proper techniques that create optimal results seamless and attractive finish.

Upkeep. Roberge Painting also offers wall covering maintenance services including the regular cleaning and upkeep of installed wall coverings to ensure they remain in excellent condition over time. We can provide recommendations on the best cleaning methods and products for different types of wall coverings, as well as perform maintenance services such as patching and  repairing to keep the walls looking their best.


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