Facility Mainenance

Facility Maintenance

Proper facility maintenance painting can create a safer work environment for your employees and extend the functionality of your building. Cleaner, brighter spaces make a safer workspace for all. Roberge Painting also offers wall covering maintenance services including the regular cleaning and upkeep of installed wall coverings to ensure they remain in excellent condition over time. We can provide recommendations on the best cleaning methods and products for different types of wall coverings, as well as perform maintenance services such as patching, repairing, and re-painting to keep the walls looking their best.

Preventative upkeep can extend the lifespan of your facility, equipment and floor systems. Maintaining your facility and can protect your capital investment, minimize downtime, and reduce overall operating costs.

Our Facility maintenance painting services include:

Emergency maintenance: Prompt response to unexpected maintenance issues.

Employee Safety: Safety aisle marking, crosswalk painting and brighter ceilings  create a safer, more productive environment. We use environmentally friendly coatings, low VOC / low odor coatings for minimal disruption to your workforce.

Regular inspection  preventative upkeep, patching and maintenance painting of all interior and exterior spaces.

Epoxy floor systems inspections, refinishing and restoration ensures optimal performance, optimal employee safety and prevents failures and downtime.

Machine painting programs.

Facilty Cleaning Programs: Antimicrobial wiping of surfaces within the building including floors, windows, and restrooms.

Painting of exterior spaces and parking lots, line striping.

Office Functionality : White Board painting and Acoustical ceiling painting.

We have the experience to craft an effective maintenance program for your business. Call today to discuss your needs and how Roberge Painting can help you.